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I Grew Up as a Disneyland Kid


Disneyland and I were both established in 1955 but we hadn’t made our acquaintance until the early 60’s. I believe it was 1963 when I made my first visit to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.” Back in those days, they had a variety of rides that are no longer at Disneyland such as the Boat Rides, the Flying Saucers, the Skyway buckets, Inner Space, the Carousel of Progress, the House of the Future, Rocket Ship to the Moon, the People Mover, etc.


I remember the Indian Territory, the train that went through the desert, mule rides, the canoes you could rent, and other old-time attractions that have since bit the proverbial dust.

Other rides have proven the test of time. The Jungle Cruise, Matterhorn, Mad Hatter, Teacups, Monorail and the train have been at the park since the first five years of Disneyland’s existence and are the most popular of all the attractions.

matterhorn with monorail

Since then, there have been multiple improvements to existing rides as well as the creation of new ones such as: Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, the Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad come to mind.

I must have been to Disneyland at least a million times or more, basically twice a year beginning in 1963 until 1970 so I guess it’s not quite a million times.) The best time to go is when it is raining. Everything remains open but the crowd is considerably less which will cut down on your wait time for the rides.

I’ve been to Disneyland for birthdays, weddings, vacations, Grad Night, and just for good times. Nothing beats Disneyland, in my book.

There truly is something for everybody at Disneyland.

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