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Secure Your WordPress Website or Else!

hackedIn WordPress, “Admin” is the most common name for the admin login. Hackers know this which makes WordPress sites targets. Why? Because all the hackers have to do is figure out the password.

It’s always best to change the admin name when installing the WordPress software and creating a long password as well. You can always change it later simply by creating a new user and giving that one administrative privileges. Then you can log in, using that new user name, and delete the admin user.

Being one who has had their WordPress blogs hacked over and over, I have learned through experience to employ certain safeguards to protect my websites from future hacking attempts. Once everything was in place, the problems disappeared.

1. Get a secure password of at least 63 characters in length (try to avoid using any of the slashes.) I get my passwords from a password generator site: (Use the same style of password for your cPanel and email accounts {so you would end up with three distinctive passwords.})

2. Install a database plugin for weekly database back-ups. I use WordPress Database Backup available for free:

3. Change your passwords every 3 months.
4. Another crucial plugin is WordPress Shielded which helps to secure your website against hackers. It is a premium plugin, so not free, but I would not live without it. It’s less than twelve bucks:

5. Don’t install every plugin under the sun. Some plugins interfere with others and can cause major problems. Keep it simple but strong. Find out what others are doing and share your discoveries.

You never be too safe when it comes to securing your blogs. Maybe we can’t stop the hackers but at least we can make it as difficult as possible for them to get in.


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