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What Have I Been Up To?

I like to keep my mind sharp and keep myself busy doing various things on the computer. Anything regarding the computer and sitting down is great for me. I’ve had terrible sciatica down my right leg and sitting down makes it magically disappear.

For example, today I kept myself busy by sprucing up some websites. I added or changed background images and body background images on a few sites so they look more inviting to the potential customers.

I also was fooling around with Gimp and got on a kick of making transparent backgrounds on some of my GIFs. Looks a little more professional to me so that’s a good thing.

I designed a new logo for another of my websites. Designing is fun for me because it gets my creative juices flowing and time seems to fly by.

I’ve been transferring my sites to other servers as I try to find reliable service without paying a whole lot of money. So far, I have everything spread over three main servers to spread the load evenly. I keep careful track of all my domains, hosting services and database information. I’ve learned over the years that one must back-up everything and keep that back-up fresh just in case it has to be moved to another server.

My theme is still being developed but it’s looking good so far and the designer keeps in touch with me on a daily basis. Hopefully, I can get this product into the marketplace before the end of next month. I started this project in late August 2012 and here it is almost February 2013.

Then I will have to seek out affiliates, create a sales page, and get the word out about my new WordPress theme. I hope I get a decent response.

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